about us

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We are mixture of artists from around the world. more...

I used to have dream about a place where artists can publish and present their creations and works. So I got together with my friends and after some hard work, I created Valhalla Gallery. In Norse mythology, Valhalla is a majestic enormous hall located in Asgard. Ruled by the god of gods Odin. What better place can you imagine for Art! We artists in Valhalla Gallery are creating one-of-a-kind Art, on posters and in frames. By bringing together talented artists from all over the world, we intend to give independent artists the opportunity to show and sell their creations. Every purchase made here supports an artist. 

If you are an artist creating art, join us, in our journey to Valhalla
We are a small team of energetic people for whom art and design have always been a true passion. Behind every artwork we present here there is an artist and their great stories. We want to spread these stories across the world, inspiring others.
These days are filled with art and visual entertainment, on our small devices! But in Valhalla we creating contemporary Art for your walls and most importantly your soul, so your eyes can enjoy it forever! 
Our Print Quality
We make all our Prints in Fine Art Print / Gallery quality at our print shop. When we saying our prints are in highest possible quality. We mean exactly that! We print each art piece individually and printing is done in Giclée / Fine Art Quality. With archival Epson/Canon inks. Our paper selection, is a big part of this process. Papers from Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper Collection are important, to achieve these excellent lifetime lasting results.