Viking Warrior Challenge


We have WINNERS for this Challenge :

Carlos Betancourt  |  Paweł Hordyniak  |  Maxim Lingert

We are happy that these Artists and many more joined this Challenge. We are working with this Artists, on new Art Collections. Soon they will be part of out Valhalla Gallery! Please Check our Instagram for more updates


We are also, testing formats and materials for these Art Prints. They all will be soon available online in our Collections !  Please check Instagram for updates

More info coming soon ! 




This change was about motivate and evoke creativity in you. And most importantly giving you a change to create something, that you will be proud of! Reality of that is simple the fact, that we will show and sell this Art piece in our gallery. From our side, We will making your name little more visible. Of course the share from this art pieces will be yours. 

Benefits and rules for this challenge : 

  •  visibility, representation of Artist and their works
  •  future collaboration with Gallery
  •  fine art print / museum print quality 
  •  artists will get a direct share commission for each poster sale 

Submission Guidelines:

  • Artwork format: We accept original artworks in a high-quality digital format (if the work is traditional, a digital representation or a scanned copy of your artwork will work)
  • Artwork name: the submission must also have a name attached to it. 
  • Style and Technique: digital, traditional, 3d
  • Character and Theme: the work must have as protagonist a Viking warrior, man or female. The character can be based on a real historical figure, it can be fictional, mythological or fantasy. See our Fantasy collection for reference – or it can also have some sci-fi elements and feel – Example reference.
  • We only accept original works featuring original characters, we don’t accept fan-related art due to copyright rights.
How to submit your piece: 
You can choose either one of the options below for submitting your artwork:
  • Send us a mail through our contact page with the Headline: ‘Valhalla Challenge’
  • Use the #huntlancer hashtag on Instagram or DM us directly at @huntlancercom, we will make sure to check all the tags/messages
  • If you are a member of our Facebook Group, tag #valhallachallenge in a post-submission within the group

    Don't forget to follow us on : | @huntlancercom and check out the progress always on : and on Facebook

    More info is coming ... 

    And If you are an artist and you are interested for more, join us in our journey to Valhalla.  





    • Peter

      Yes Exactly ! We have winners for this one. Check more info on our Instagram

    • Bryan Willian

      The halls of valhalla awaiting me…

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